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Behind On Your Books,
Business Owners?

Let Me Rescue Your
Financials Today!

Why an Accounting & Bookkeeping Call Center Will Ruin Your Business

by | Mar 16, 2022 | Accounting, Bookkeeping

If you’re looking to outsource your accounting and bookkeeping departments, then you’ll want to avoid “call-center” operations that treat your company like a commodity instead of a uniquely valuable business. 

It’s common to get yourself or your team “off the books” so you can focus on growing your company instead of working inside of it. A lot of companies grow leaps and bounds when they focus on what they’re good at and outsource the rest, but… 

There’s an insidious monster hidden inside of call centers that I’m about to reveal so that you never trust your company’s accounting to someone who doesn’t care about your company and will actually avoid your calls.

5 Reasons Accounting & Bookkeeping Call Centers Will Ruin Your Business

You want to outsource your accounting and bookkeeping departments or switch current accounting firms, but you’re not sure where to start. Here’s one truth you should consider. Avoid call-center type accounting and bookkeeping firms. Here’s why: 

#1. The employees are paid to manage as many accounts as possible

This means your company is one of many, which reduces the amount of time, energy, and focus your financials get each and every day, week, month, quarter, etc. This is a dangerous game to play. Errors occur mostly off the back of fatigue and apathy. Call centers breed both in their employees, which means you’re playing with fire when you trust someone who doesn’t care much for you, your company, or your financials.

#2. Your account will bounce between professionals

You usually don’t get one professional on your account at a call-center accounting firm. From day-to-day, you may have a half-dozen professionals in and out of your financials. While it may seem like having more eyes on your company is better, the quality of those eyes matters. Call-centers, again, manage as many accounts as possible, which means the “multiple eyes” are out of necessity to get as much work processed as possible during the given billing period. This means your account is one of hundreds they process as quickly as possible. One point of contact that you know and trust, and knows your business, sets you up for financial success.

#3. Your calls get ignored or transferred

Call into a call-center accounting and/or bookkeeping firm and you’ll get put off, transferred to someone else, or ignored. There’s little-to-no human connection with you, your company, or your money. It’s all cold, calculated metrics, processed as fast as possible to increase the billing period invoice to you and the 100s of other accounts on their books. Instead, choose a Top Rated® Master Bookkeeper & Expert Accountant that will ALWAYS take your call!

#4. Limited knowledge/expertise applied to your company

While you may save a dollar going with a call center, you’re giving up deep knowledge and expertise applied to your business financials. The knowledge and understanding gained working with an actual accounting and bookkeeping professional can save (and make) you a ton over time. A call center takes the “minimum viable service” approach. This means you’re getting the bare minimum when it comes to accounting and bookkeeping expertise and service, and that their services are very limited and you may find yourself looking elsewhere to fill in the gaps. 

#5.  Call centers are revolving doors

If your accounting or bookkeeping firm outsources to a firm with a call center at all, then you might as well throw your financials in a revolving door downtown and hope for the best. 

Go do some research on “call center employee reviews.” People do not aspire to work at a call center, they take the job because it’s all they can get right now. This means as soon as you get signed up to a call-center accounting or bookkeeping firm, you’re going to experience the churn of professionals as they enter employment out of desperation and leave for better opportunities. This inconsistency for your books can cost you a ton.

If you currently pay for a call-center accounting or bookkeeping firm to manage your books, then it’s time to consider switching to an actual outsourced local accounting professional.

How to Outsource Your Accounting & Bookkeeping Departments

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I deliver spot-on, accurate reports weekly, monthly, quarterly, or whenever you like. 

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