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Taxes a mess?
Let My In-House CPA Rescue Your Taxes, Today!

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Expert Accountant, Now!

SERVING: MD, VA, DC, DE, PA & Now Nationwide!

Owners & Executives, DCAA & Non Profits: Incomplete Tax Preparation & Planning Paralyzing Your Business?

Don’t Get Buried in Penalties and Interest

Tax mess-ups leading to extra charges? Those aren’t just numbers; they’re digging into your profits. Getting tax right isn’t a bonus—it’s crucial. Each mistake piles on the debt, pushing your business closer to the edge. And those tax bigwigs? They’re watching. Act now before the IRS nasty grams arrive. Let my in-house CPA clean up the mess, today!

Incompetent Tax Preparation

Are you dealing with your previous incompetent Accountant or lousy CPA who has: gone dark, ghosted you, is purposely unreachable, and who are just plain wrong? Negligent tax preparation can gravely impact your business. Beyond legal obligations, accurate tax filing safeguards your company’s reputation and financial health. Errors can lead to penalties, legal challenges, and hinder future investments. Addressing these promptly is essential to ensure stability and growth.

Attention Needed: Audit Alarms Ringing

Being under the microscope of tax authorities? It’s more than just a hassle—it’s a full-blown crisis. Those detailed audits can throw your operations into chaos, especially if they find something off. And guess what? One audit can lead to another, dragging you into a never-ending cycle. Don’t let your business get derailed. Time to get your tax records straight!

Cash Flow Crisis Alert

Surprise tax bills hitting you hard? Cash is your business’s lifeline. Without it, everything grinds to a halt. Bills pile up, operations stutter, and before you know it, your business is gasping for air. Let’s steer clear of that financial abyss and keep your cash flowing smoothly. Let my in-house CPA rescue your books, Now!

Don’t Toss Money Out on Missed Deductions

Missing out on rightful deductions? That’s your hard-earned money you’re handing over. Every unclaimed deduction is cash out of your pocket, and it adds up. Say no to overpaying and let every cent work for your business. Let’s maximize your deductions, Now!

Stop the Clock on Wasted Time

Burning hours fixing tax blunders? Every tick of the clock is a missed opportunity. Those hours could be spent on growing your empire, not untangling tax troubles. Inaccurate tax prep isn’t just an inconvenience; it’s a roadblock to your success. Let’s streamline, optimize, and get back to business.

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Serving MD, VA, DC, DE, PA & Now Nationwide!

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Hi, I’m Kendra Moore,
Owner, Master Bookkeeper

I help Business Owners & Executives of firms reconcile & re-construct years’ worth of delinquent financials, reconciling with spot-on reporting on a monthly basis–cleaning up financial messes and creating tax-ready financials, all while repositioning YOUR Business for success!

Currently working with mid-size, enterprise and C-suite level Businesses, Nonprofits and DCAA Government Contractors:

  • Bringing your books current the very first time
  • Real time financials that actually mean something
  • Forecasting & creating worthwhile Budgets- ALL for your financial growth & success

Focused on Clients with revenue from $200K to $75M+ annually. I’m your Top Rated® Local, outsourced, Bookkeeping AND Accounting Department.

An Expert in ALL versions of QuickBooks. Gov/Con Authority on: Unanet & Quickbooks DCAA compliant software moving my Clients away from Deltek and Procas.  Additional Focus: Xero, FreshBooks, Sage, and many other Accounting Software systems. I provide virtual, Zoom-enhanced focused meetings & state-of-the-art technology plug-ins right into our bookkeeping and accounting service offerings–along with an in-house CPA for those that need one!

I’m the Full Service, Local Virtual Master Bookkeeper & Outsourced Expert Accountant your Business desperately needs, right now.  Take advantage of my 15+ years of in-the-trenches local experience. Call Me Today!

Expert Financial Reporting Services

Tax Return Preparation

Tax Compliance

Tax Forecasting

Sales Tax Reporting

Tax Credit Identification

Capital Gains Planning

International Tax Planning

Tax Strategy Development

Year-end Tax Planning

Fractional CFO/ Outsourced CFO Services

Payroll Tax Management

Tax Audit Support

Tax Research

Mergers and Acquisitions Tax Planning

Master Bookkeeping & Expert Accounting Reviews
from Owners & Execs, DCAA Contractors, AND Nonprofits

“Excellent Communication…”

Excellent communication, knowledgeable, easy to work with! Rating:… Read more“Excellent Communication…”

-Keith W.

“I Spoke With Kendra and She Immediately Put My Mind at Ease.”

I called Furever Bookkeeping when my business’s finances were awry. I spoke with Kendra and she immediately put my mind at ease . My books are now up to date on a monthly basis and I get reports to see how my business is doing. I’m now able to make smart decisions. Rating: 5/5… Read more“I Spoke With Kendra and She Immediately Put My Mind at Ease.”

-Mary S.

“Now She Handles Everything.”

I’ve been searching for a DCAA bookkeeper and accountant for audit compliant systems for my firm. I liked what Kendra offers and now she handles everything. Rating:… Read more“Now She Handles Everything.”

-Gary B.

“Loved Their Work So Much!”

I took Furever Bookkeeping’s work to my accountant to file my taxes and he loved their work so much that he is now referring clients to them. Rating: 5/5… Read more“Loved Their Work So Much!”

-Tom F.

“Nicole is Very Professional.”

Nicole is very professional, knowledgeable, dependable and very responsive to my business matters. Rating: 5/5… Read more“Nicole is Very Professional.”

-Tyrone L.

“I Have Enjoyed the Work of Furever Bookkeeping!”

I have enjoyed the work of Fureverbookkeeping!! Rating: 5/5… Read more“I Have Enjoyed the Work of Furever Bookkeeping!”

-Terry Y.

“Furever Bookkeeping Has Provided Excellent Service.”

Furever Bookkeeping has provided me with excellent service. Kendra and her team are patient and very attentive to the littlest details. I will definitely recommend Furever Bookkeeping to businesses for their services. Rating: 5/5… Read more“Furever Bookkeeping Has Provided Excellent Service.”

-Uche N.

”Kendra Brought Years of My Business’s Financials Current and Balanced My Books Quickly.”

Kendra brought years of my business’s financials current and balanced my books quickly. She and the whole furever bookkeeping squad know what they’re doing. Helped my business exponentially. Rating: 5/5… Read more”Kendra Brought Years of My Business’s Financials Current and Balanced My Books Quickly.”

-Charlie U.
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Finally, a tech-centric Bookkeeper & Accountant | Making Your Life a Whole Lot Easier!

My doc uploader, sharing, auto alerts, and open communication channel have completely removed the drudgery you experienced when dealing with your past Accountant and Bookkeeper . Sound familiar? Constantly uploading/sending documents, repetitive requests constantly. No more with me!

Easy document uploader.

Upload your files with instant auto-notifications alerting me immediately. | No More Delays.

Message me, anytime.

You want access? You’ve got it!  I’m here to talk when needed. 

Friendly app means you know where you stand.

Check in on your account via phone or desktop.| Know that you’re being taken care of in real time!

How Do You Work With Me?

Step #2

We’ll discuss the exact details
around your needs.

Step #3

I’ll propose a sound comprehensive plan around your business & get right to work!

Who Do I Help?

Master Bookkeeping Services For Your Business In Every Industry:

Serving Owners & Executives in Maryland, Virginia, DC, Delaware, Pennsylvania & Nationwide!







Government Contractors



Tax Preparation & Planning FAQs

What pertinent information do I need for tax preparation?

For tax preparation, we'll need your last year’s tax returns. This ensures that we can maximize the deductions you're eligible for.

Can enterprise-level equipment and executive suites be deductible?

Absolutely. High-end equipment, executive office furnishings, and even certain C-suite amenities may qualify for deductions, depending on their business use and relevance.

Does the business structure affect how I file taxes?

Your business structure definitely plays a role in how you file taxes. We'll guide you on how your business registration impacts your tax preparation.

Can corporate vehicles and executive transport costs be deducted?

If company vehicles or executive transportation methods are utilized for business purposes, a significant portion of their expenses can be deductible. We’ll meticulously review and optimize claims for all qualifying expenditures.

Are there unique criteria for certain corporate deductions?

Yes, for particular deductions such as executive car leases, business travel, and premium office spaces, there are distinct guidelines. For example, an executive suite must be primarily designated for business functions. We’ll make sure that all criteria are met for optimal deductions.

What types of corporate expenses can be deducted?

Mid Sized companies often have a range of deductible expenses, from lease agreements for corporate offices to specialized equipment and consultancy fees. Together, we'll ensure all eligible expenses are identified.

Are my workers independent contractors or actual employees?

Determining whether your workers are independent contractors or employees is crucial. We can discuss the specifics with you, as the implications for taxes can vary.

Are travel expenses for the business deductible?

Most business-related travel expenses are deductible. If you're combining business with personal travel, we'll help you figure out what can be claimed.

How can I increase my tax savings?

There are often tax incentives available, such as for energy-efficient equipment. My in-House CPA will advise you on maximizing these benefits.

Taxes A Mess?
Let My In-House CPA Rescue Your Taxes Today!

Master Tax Preparation & Planning Services

SERVING: MD, VA, DC, DE, PA & Now Nationwide.


My clients range in annual revenue from $500K up to in excess of $75M+. Simple or complex financials across MULTIPLE industries are my Core Capabilities.

About Me

Furever Bookkeeping & Accounting Services brings 15+ years of Expert Bookkeeping & Master Accounting to each of my clients. Kendra Moore has over 37 years experience in: Bookkeeping & Accounting. Serving MD, VA, DC, DE, PA & Now Nationwide!

Our Certifications

We are approved Accounting & Bookkeeping Federal Government Contractors, DUNS #079524284, as well as for the State of Maryland, NAICS #541219.

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