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Where is Your Business Suffering the Most?
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Complete Business Advisory Services

SERVING: MD, VA, DC, DE, PA & Now Nationwide.

Owners & Executives, DCAA & Non Profits:

I relieve your pain by identifying the TRUE weaknesses in your Business. Where they’re hiding and what to do about them. Then through strategic execution, I’ll guide you toward informed, high-level decisions that enhance your Business operational efficiency and fine-tune your tactical direction like never before. Stop letting uncertainties impede your Business. Secure your Business’s financial roadmap with me, right now. Let me help your Business Prosper, Today!

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Incompetent Budget & Forecasting-Not Just run-in-the-mill compliance Reporting

Navigating your Business blindly? Get strategic budgeting and forecasting with me. I understand the intricacies of financial growth and the potential pitfalls of not having a clear financial roadmap. Don’t settle for run-of-the-mill compliance reporting. Remove fear AND grow your Business with my Expert Budgeting and Forecasting Services.

Financial Pain Point Discovery & Resolution

Feeling the pinch but can’t pinpoint the problem? Financial pain points can cripple your Business growth. I specialize in identifying those hidden financial challenges and resolving them swiftly with my Quarterly Performance Reviews. Ignoring these issues can lead to significant losses and missed opportunities. Trust me to uncover and address these pain points, ensuring your Business thrives without any financial hiccups.

Inaccurate Business Valuation

Considering selling your Business or seeking investors? Knowing your Business’s true worth is crucial. An inaccurate valuation can lead to underselling your Business or missing out on potential investments. Not getting your Business’s true value can be a finishing blow. Let me, your expert, provide an accurate and Comprehensive Business Valuation, giving you the confidence to sell your Business for what it’s worth.

True, Real-Time Cash Flow

If you’re a large firm but still having Cash Flow issues, you’ll need up-to-the-minute Cash Flow Analyses. Businesses track cash flow from operations to Achieve Consistent Growth And Long Term Success. As your Top Rated Local® Business Advisor. Let me start providing these to you, right now..

DCAA Audit

Facing your annual DCAA audit can be intimidating. The consequences of not being compliant can be severe, from financial penalties to lost contracts. I understand the complexities and challenges of DCAA audits. Don’t let non-compliance loom over your Business. Let me ensure you’re fully prepared and compliant with my Safeguard DCAA Audit Package.

Fractional CFO/Outsourced CFO Services

Ready to take your business to the next level? My Fractional CFO services are your ticket to accelerated growth without the financial hiccups. I offer Comprehensive Financial Solutions, from real-time KPI reporting and financial forecasting to risk management and tax planning. I get control over your finances, enabling you to focus on what really matters—growing your business. Don’t wait; secure your financial future within your Business, today! 

Procedures & Protocols

Feel like your Business is a rudderless ship? You won’t be any longer with me. Over the last 15+ years, I’ve helped hundreds of Owners create and implement Cost Cutting Procedures & Protocols.

Get Your FREE Financial Analysis!

Serving MD, VA, DC, DE, PA & Now Nationwide!

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Hi, I’m Kendra Moore,
Owner, Master Business Advisor


I help Business Owners & Executives of firms reconcile/re-construct years’ worth of delinquent financials, report accurate numbers on a monthly basis, clean up/catch up and then maintain & obtain tax-ready financials, which ultimately rescues your business.

I help mid-size up to enterprise and C-suite level businesses and Government Contractors:

  • Bring their books current
  • Report on current financials
  • Forecast for their financial success

I work with clients with revenue from $200K to $75M+ annually. I’m your local, outsourced, bookkeeping and accounting department.

I’m an Expert in ALL versions of QuickBooks. Gov/Con Authority on: QuickBooks (Unanet & Quickbooks DCAA compliant software). Additional: Xero, FreshBooks, Sage, and many other Accounting Software systems. I provide virtual, Zoom-enhanced, bookkeeping and accounting, including in-house CPA services.

I’m the Local Virtual Master Bookkeeper & Outsourced Expert Accountant your business needs with over 15+ years of experience!


Chief Business Advisory Services

Budgeting & Forecasting

Financial Performance Reviews

Cash Management Advisory

Controller/CFO Advisor Services

Business Valuation

Entity Review

Owner Payroll Allocation

Retirement Plan Review

Business & Owner Tax Preparation

Estimated Tax Vouchers

Sales Tax Returns Filings

Employee Time Tracking

Payroll Return Filing

Growth Advisory

Master Bookkeeping & Expert Accounting Reviews
from Owners & Execs, DCAA Contractors, AND Nonprofits

“Always on Point! Never Late.”

Always on point! Never late. Wonderful to work with! Rating: 5/5… Read more“Always on Point! Never Late.”

-Grace W.

“I Spoke With Kendra and She Immediately Put My Mind at Ease.”

I called Furever Bookkeeping when my business’s finances were awry. I spoke with Kendra and she immediately put my mind at ease . My books are now up to date on a monthly basis and I get reports to see how my business is doing. I’m now able to make smart decisions. Rating: 5/5… Read more“I Spoke With Kendra and She Immediately Put My Mind at Ease.”

-Mary S.

“Needed an Accountant and More.”

Needed an accountant who could do an accurate clean-up of my company’s books and help me and my team forecast once caught up. Kendra did that and more. Rating:… Read more“Needed an Accountant and More.”

-Tina E.

“The Service is First Class.”

Our Accounting services have never been better. The service is first class. On top of it all, Kendra has reduced our previous Bookkeeping costs significantly. Hands down the best bookkeepers and accounting firm. Highly recommend. Rating:… Read more“The Service is First Class.”

-Olivia D.

“Furever Bookkeeping Has Removed All of the Stress & Headaches From My Accounting Department.”

Furever Bookkeeping has removed all of the stress and headaches from my accounting department. Now my payroll, bookeeping and reconciliations are mess free and stress free. Precise, Responsive, Responsible, Knowledgeable and Friendly is a unique combination to find from an accounting service and they are all of the above. I would not hesitate to recommend… Read more“Furever Bookkeeping Has Removed All of the Stress & Headaches From My Accounting Department.”

-Kelly J.

“Furever’s Team Is a Dream.”

Furever’s team is a dream. They have been a joy to work with and stop at nothing to get the job done! Thank you, Kendra! Rating:… Read more“Furever’s Team Is a Dream.”

-Liz W.

“Kendra is Quick and Reliable…”

Furever Bookkeeping did wonders for helping me get organized with my books, as well as ensure I was set to remain organized moving forward. Kendra is quick and reliable, all while maintaining 100% accuracy! Rating: 5/5… Read more“Kendra is Quick and Reliable…”

-Nicholas L.

“Kendra Saved Me Thousands on My Taxes.”

Got everything to my CPA on time. Kendra saved me thousands on my taxes. I would recommend her to anyone looking for accounting assistance. Rating:… Read more“Kendra Saved Me Thousands on My Taxes.”

-Andrew HL.

How Do You Work With Me?

Step #2

We’ll discuss the exact details
around your needs.

Step #3

I’ll propose a sound comprehensive plan around your business & get right to work!

Who Do I Help?

Business Advisory Services For Your Business In Every Industry:

Serving Owners & Executives in Maryland, Virginia, DC, Delaware, Pennsylvania & Nationwide!






Government Contractors




Business Advisory FAQs

How many years of experience do you have advising Businesses similar to mine?

15+ Years. II am THE Top Rated Local® expert Business Advisory accounting experience, I've guided Businesses across various industries, from those Businesses generating $200k to those exceeding $75M in annual revenue.

What range of Business advisory services do you offer, and how do they align with my Business needs?

I’m an expert in Budget & Forecasting the right way, deep dive Forecasting, Quarterly Performance Reviews, Business Valuations, Cash Management, DCAA Audits and creating laser focused, high level Procedures and Protocols specific to your exact Business.

My goal is to launch you and your Business into the scaleable, profitable and prosperous company and organization that you envisioned when you started!

Do you have expertise in my specific industry, and are you familiar with its unique financial challenges and regulations?

Absolutely! With 15+ years of experience, I've serviced ALL industries, with annual revenue of $200k - $1M+. I am the Business Advisory local Expert across various sectors, ensuring tailored solutions for your Business.

How do you handle communication and reporting with your clients?

I offer Zoom meetings which can be scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly based on the your preference. I’m highly responsive, ensuring that I answer phone calls directly and reply to voicemails and all in the same day!

How are your Business Advisory fees structured?

We’ll discuss your most pressing pain points, and I'll provide a comprehensive package tailored directly for your business all within my Business Advisory Package framework.

Can you provide references or testimonials from other Businesses you've advised in the past?

Certainly! For years, Business Owners, NonProfits and Government Contractors have come to me to alleviate their suffering and rescue their business. Click HERE to find what Clients are saying about me!

How can you assist my Business with strategic planning and growth strategies?

I provide valuable, actionable, and measured insights that align with your Business goals-giving you the keys to the castle so you can inject them right into your Business for it to prosper AND grow efficiently.

Is Your Business a Mess? Let Me Rescue It, Right Now!

Complete Business Advisory Services

SERVING: MD, VA, DC, DE, PA & Now Nationwide.
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