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How Long Should You Keep Business Records?

Not sure how long to keep your business records on file? Business records sound boring and seem unimportant compared to cash flow, but…  It’s important to know exactly how long to keep your business records so that when (not if) the IRS comes knocking on your door,...

Do You Need An Accounting Consultant Expert?

You need help with accounting, but…  You’re not sure who to ask for help.  Accountants, CPAs, and bookkeepers all want your business.  You may even come across an accounting consultant.  At first, you may be skeptical. Can anyone throw out a shingle and claim to be a...

What Accounting Service Rates Should You Expect (And Accept)?

Owners and Executives: Are you looking to outsource your accounting needs to a third-party company instead of hiring in-house? That’s a great decision! But… One of your first few questions may be:  How much does an Expert Outsourced Accounting Department actually cost...

How to Master Your Annual Budget Process

Owners & Executives: Annual budgeting season is here.  This means you’re spending time gathering multiple spreadsheets, trying to reconcile accounts, and leveraging your systems and resources to get your financials in order…  All so you can review last year’s...

Accounting Mistakes That Could Sink Your Business

As an Owner or Executive, bringing accounting in-house and implementing a manual process may seem like a great way to save money and have more control.  While this can save you some money in the short term, the cost to you, your business, and your success can be...
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