Behind On Your Books,

Business Owners?

Let Me Rescue Your Financials Today!

Behind On Your Books,
Business Owners?

Let Me Rescue Your
Financials Today!

Expert Reconciliation – Let Me Balance Your Books | Today!

For business owners in Maryland, Northern Virginia, D.C. and beyond, I offer spot on reconciliation and re-creation when necessary bringing months & years worth of back financials current-the very first time. I comprehensively manage your financials. Backed by AI, I deliver laser focused, real time, accurate reporting daily, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. Looking at trends, I’ll benchmark where you’ve been and help forecast with actual numbers where you and your business is going.

I’m Your Expert | Introducing Artificial Intelligence with Expert Human Oversight

  • Bring back months and years worth of financials current-result? Reconciled and accurate financials
  • Real time Reporting-using the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) add ons for the most robust reporting in the industry.
  • Locate transaction discrepancies
  • Expert match balances: outstanding check/withdrawal or deposit/receipt utilizing ecosystems that plug directly into your current accounting software.
  • Uncover, detect & report fraud
  • Maximize cash flow-look at a ‘what if’ scenarios helping you grow

More than 15 years of balancing the most challenged accounts in every industry for business owners large and small. I’m recognized locally as the Top Rated Local® Bookkeeping Services expert. I’m also certified in all versions of Quickbooks and am an expert with all other accounting software packages. I’m the bookkeeping manager your business needs.

Annoyed with Account Reconciliation Problems?

Your Expert Bookkeeper Can Quickly and Easily Reconcile Your Business Accounts

If you want to prevent balance sheet errors, fraud claims against your business, or auditors “knocking on your door,” then you’ll want to read the information below. 

You’re responsible for the financial well being and future of your business, your customers, and the people who work for you. 

A single error on a balance sheet could lead to some pretty serious consequences down the road. 

And if you want to….

Keep the IRS and Federal Government Off Your Back

Then it’s time you leverage a Top Rated Local® Bookkeeping Service to reconcile your books (even if it’s been years since your last full reconcile).

There are five primary types of business financial reconciliations:

  1. Bank Reconciliation.
  2. Customer Reconciliation.
  3. Vendor Reconciliation.
  4. Inter-company Reconciliation.
  5. Business-specific Reconciliation. 

Each account reconciliation helps keep the IRS auditor’s crosshairs off your business. Not every business will need all five of the reconciliations above. But the ones you do need are crucial to running a clean, strong business. 

However, if you neglect any of the reconciliations you do need, you are putting your business at serious risk for audit and some potentially serious financial penalties. 

So, why risk it?


Know Where Your Business Really Stands

Your financials need to correctly reflect the financial health of your business. They’re the heartbeat of your business. Only accurate bank reconciliations and proper balancing allows your business to grow. With my ‘smart’ financials, make better decisions with your business. In real time, I keep your financials completely current and grow with you.  The proof? My most successful clients range in revenue from just a couple hundred thousand to well over $32M in annual revenue. Result: your covered.

When you choose to work with a Expert Bookkeeper to reconcile years’ worth of backed books…

You Know Where Your Business Financials Stand

Informed business decisions are about more than gut instincts. 

Your financials need to correctly reflect the financial health of your business.

They rely on reconciled, accurate books; weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or quarterly financial reports; and an expert insight into business financial trends and patterns to prevent negative impact during downturns. 

Monthly reconciliation, accurate financial reports, and an Expert, Local Certified Bookkeeper in your corner allows you to make informed decisions and steering clear of financial headwinds. 

Here are the 5 benefits of working with an Online Bookkeeper to reconcile months or years worth of books and continue to reconcile your books monthly:

Fraud Detection & Deterrent 

As your master bookkeeper, Furever Bookkeeping helps stop fraud in its tracks. As a certified accounting and bookkeeping contractor with both the state of Maryland and Federal Government, I’ve spent years identifying when fraud occurs-and in the private sector, it occurs most often, between partners, principals, employees, or even investors. Without my spot-on reports, you’re protected. Keep vendors, employees, and partners, principals and investors honest. Discover fraud when it happens, not weeks or months down the road.

Do you know where fraud happens most often in the private sector?

It occurs most often, between partners, principals, employees, or even investors. 

The people on the “inside” of your business. And after 15+ years of bookkeeping and accounting work, you’d be surprised at what people try to get away with via financial fraud. 

This is why it’s imperative that you have a Master Bookkeeper for your business financial reconciliation on a monthly basis (if not more often) — to protect what you’ve already worked so hard to build (or gathered the capital to buy). 

Keep vendors, employees, and partners, principals and investors honest. Discover fraud when it happens, not weeks or months down the road.

Detect & Correct Bank Errors

Banks make mistakes. Misclassification and incorrect categorization occurs.  I recognize this immediately.  It’s better to recognize them as they happen, not months or years later. Even with the onslaught of artificial intelligence (AI), the technology still needs global oversight. And this is where I thrive. I keep your financials current in real time, so when mistakes occur, you know about them immediately.

Don’t wait months or years to discover what a monthly account reconciliation process could tell you tomorrow. 

Detect and correct bank errors quickly and easily with an Expert Bookkeeper.

MAXIMIZE Your Cash Flow

Managing a Business is all about managing Cash Flow, and only up-to-date financials allows you to correctly track cash flow. With my crystal clear reporting, you’ll see the relationship between every account and your business as a whole.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. 

Inaccurate or error-filled account statements will inhibit or reduce cash flow. And even if the discrepancies work in your favor, you will be putting your business at risk for auditors to swoop in and penalize you for multiplied amounts beyond what you gained in error. 

When you work with an Expert Bookkeeper, you keep your financials current in real-time without the fear, anxiety or worry that the IRS will show up “at your door” to collect on an error you made years prior.

Improve Collection Process

Clean and accurate bank statements and internal financial statements help boost your accounts receivable operations. As soon as a payment clears accounts receivable, it’s no longer marked as outstanding, which removes it from the collection process, reducing potential for error.

This protects your business and holds your clients, customers, and vendors accountable to their dues. 

Prevent Overdraft

You’re always reconciled.  With my Top Rated Local® Bookkeeping Service, I’m in constant contact with you delivering spot-on reports every day, week and month.  Detailed P&L’s, Balance Sheets and in depth financials to review.  You’ll be able to pick up that phone anytime to have, quick, direct answers to your questions. And, you’ll have tax ready financials to give your CPA or, if you don’t have one, you can use my in-house CPA. Either way, you’ll have every type of bookkeeping service, accounting and CPA resource all under one roof!


Stop waiting.  Finally manage your business the right way allowing you to work on your business rather than in it. Contact me today!



Furever Bookkeeping has been our financial savior. Our small business went through several bookkeepers before hiring Furever Bookkeeping. Furever Bookkeeping has been responsive, adaptable, and provided excellent communication throughout the pandemic. The level of customer service we have experienced is unmatched for a small business such as ours.

-Orman M.



Kendra brought years of my business’s financials current and balanced my books quickly. She and the whole Furever Bookkeeping squad know what they’re doing. Helped my business exponentially.

-Charlie U.



Kendra served as our law firm’s outside, independent bookkeeper. When she started working for us she inherited financial books that were a complete mess. She was able to straighten them out and, since then, has kept our books accurately and complete. I can ask her at anytime where we stand financially and she can tell me instantly. She is very personable and a delight to work with. During her tenure working with us, even though she was an independent contractor, she became our firm’s CFO. I do not hesitate to recommend her.

-Fred P.



The entire Furever Bookkeeping team helped my Consulting Firm and me streamline our Accounting system using technology for efficiency sake. This saved us a ton. Kendra and her team are gems.

-Patricia F.



Kendra has been instrumental for our business. If you are looking for an accounting team that is professional, timely, and great at communicating call Furever Bookkeeping. They were a life saver for my company!

-Renee D.



Kendra’s team is top notch and reconciled back years under budget. Thanks to the entire team. We continue to grow as a direct result of her knowledge and strategy.

-Brian D.

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Our clients range in annual revenue from $200K up to in excess of $32M. Simple or complex financials across MULTIPLE industries are our Core Capabilities.

About Us

Furever Bookkeeping, LLC brings 15+ years of expert bookkeeping to each of our clients. Kendra Moore and her team have over 37 years experience in: Bookkeeping, Accounting, Banking, along with experience as previous Business Owners.

Our Certifications

We are approved Accounting & Bookkeeping Federal Government Contractors, DUNS #079524284, as well as for the State of Maryland, NAICS #541219.

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