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Behind On Your Books,
Business Owners?

Let Me Rescue Your Financials Today!

Behind On Your Books,
Business Owners?

Let Me Rescue Your
Financials Today!

Bookkeeping & Accounting Services for Construction Companies

Professional Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

Whether you’re a brand new startup or a multimillion-dollar company, there’s no better time to start repairing your books. This allows you to get your company’s goals in line, and once again, start seeing the real financial growth that you’ve worked so hard for. Believe it or not, many companies will go years without proper bookkeeping and accounting, and although some may see their company grow and be successful, there’s no indication of the company’s financial condition. In turn, this will lead to important, high-level decision making that is plagued with uncertainty, leaving your company’s financial future up in the air. Learn from Steve how neglecting to seek professional bookkeeping and accounting services for his multimillion-dollar company left him feeling confused about the results his company was producing and how he wished he had seeked out help sooner.

Bookkeeping for Construction

Reconcile Your Books

At Furever Bookkeeping & Accounting Services, we specialize in repairing your books. What this means is, if your company has never had effective financial management solutions, and you’re left to wonder how much money is really coming into your company—we’re here for you. This process starts with understanding you as the owner, your company’s goals, and the condition your books are currently in. We’ll work closely with you and your management staff to get to the root of the issue and formulate a plan that will get your finances back on track so you can focus on running your business operations. Below are some of the many reasons you should contact Furever Bookkeeping & Accounting Services today:

  • Forensic reconciliation of months’ and years’ worth of back financials.
  • Top Rated Local® Bookkeeping & Accounting Services in Northern Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC & Delaware.
  • Expert in all versions of Quickbooks.
  • Servicing every industry from construction to real estate, restaurants, retail, attorneys, contractors, and more.
  • Job Costing & handling numerous projects and properties at once.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly reports.
  • Clients range from $200 thousand to over $75 million in annual revenue.

So, how will you know if Furever Bookkeeping & Accounting Services is right for you? Since we specialize in repairing your books, convenience and flexibility are our highest priority. If your company’s books are in shambles, you don’t have any time to wait. Other than sales, proper bookkeeping is the most important aspect of your company, so if you’re experiencing an emergency financial situation, you can always expect Furever Bookkeeping & Accounting Services to be there, in-office and on time, to help you reconcile your books.

Weekly Cash Flow Statements

A weekly cash flow statement is a forecast of your company’s liquidity for the short and medium term, allowing you to have a better picture of cash inflow and outflow. All sizes of companies benefit from these statements, allowing business owners to make better decisions about asset management within the company. Having a weekly statement affords your company the ability to put a microscope to its current financial situation and adjust business processes to match the results.  

Monthly P&L and Balance Sheets

A P&L statement, or profit and loss statement, is a forecast of how your company is doing—are you losing money or making a profit? It’s used to calculate tax, improve business operations, track business trading trends, and more. These statements are essential for you, the business owner, to make educated decisions for your company.

Contact Us Today

Contact your Top Rated Local® Bookkeeper & Accountant at Furever Bookkeeping & Accounting Services to reconcile your books and start receiving accurate information about your company’s financials. Our method is proven to help both small businesses and multimillion-dollar companies experience success and start making more educated financial decisions for their company. Want a free, on-site analysis of your books? Fill out our form to get started and speak with Kendra, our certified bookkeeper and expert accountant, to see how Furever Bookkeeping & Accounting Services can make the difference for you.

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Kendra Moore
Owner/Master Bookkeeper
Expert Accountant


Our clients range in annual revenue from $200K up to in excess of $75M+. Simple or complex financials across MULTIPLE industries are our Core Capabilities.

About Us

Furever Bookkeeping & Accounting Services brings 15+ years of Expert Bookkeeping & Master Accounting to each of our clients. Kendra Moore and her team have over 37 years experience in: Bookkeeping, Accounting, Banking, along with experience as previous Business Owners.

Our Certifications

We are approved Accounting & Bookkeeping Federal Government Contractors, DUNS #079524284, as well as for the State of Maryland, NAICS #541219.

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