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Behind On Your Books,
Business Owners?

Let Me Rescue Your Financials Today!

Behind On Your Books,
Business Owners?

Let Me Rescue Your
Financials Today!

Bookkeeping & Accounting Services for Real Estate & Property Management Companies

While You’re Managing Multiple Properties & Investments, Let Your Top Rated Local® Master Bookkeeper & Expert Accountant Manage Your Financials!


Get Your Hassle-FREE Financial Analysis Now!

Residential and Industrial Property Developers, Commercial Developers, Agents & Brokers:

Are your books a mess?

Do you not have time to actually create spot-on reports through your accounting software so that you can see where your business financials and properties stand right now?

Are you sick and tired of working nights and weekends to try and reconcile or recreate your books from months or even years prior so that you don’t get audited during tax season?

Here’s the truth: 

If you make any one or combination of the bookkeeping and accounting mistakes below with your real estate or property management finances, then you’re putting your business (and your clients) at risk:

  • You keep poor financial records.
  • You classify employees incorrectly.
  • You keep bank accounts combined.
  • You forget or don’t know how to back up your financial records.
  • You improperly classify your expenses. 

And if you’re not properly managing the following, you could be putting your property management business at even more risk:

  • Billing tenants and keeping track of your receipts.
  • Collecting rental and property payments.
  • Invoicing and paying bills.
  • Credit and collections.
  • Tenant inquiries.
  • Financial Reporting– fiscal period and year-end closing, financial reporting and gauging true performance.
  • Balancing your books.

How do you manage all of this effectively as a property manager, landlord, real estate agent, or developer?

A Master Bookkeeper & Expert Accountant combined with accounting software, helping you minimize risk.

It’s no surprise that one of the top reasons businesses fail in their first 10 years is because of keeping poor financial records.

Because without a spot-on, accurate understanding of where your financials stand right now, business decisions rely on “guessing” and “hoping.” 

And if you allow your finances to “get out of hand,” then you’re inviting financial ruin to take a foothold in your business.

One of the worst feelings is realizing you could have done something to prevent the collapse of your business… but you simply ignored or shrugged it off as “coming out in the wash.”  

Don’t allow something you can control to potentially ruin your business. 


Let me help rescue your books! 

As your Top Rated® Expert Bookkeeper & Master Accountant for developers and the real estate and property management industries, I bring 15+ years of experience to the table so that you can reconcile backed months or years of financials; get spot-on weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports; and, start making smart business decisions based on accurate financials. 

Know where your properties financials’ stand, right now. Let me save you a ton. 

Call me today for your FREE financial analysis!


Here’s how I can help you as your Expert Bookkeeper & Master Accountant: 

Reconcile Your Books

If you’ve never utilized effective financial management solutions, then you may not know where your business financials actually stand.

If your books are a mess, then tax season may be a bigger nightmare for you than you could ever imagine. 

And if you don’t make business decisions based on accurate, spot-on financial reports, then you may be guiding your business toward a slow, painful financial death. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

I reconcile and recreate backed financials from weeks, months, and years prior the very first time. 

Once I reconcile/recreate your financials, there is no guessing on where your business stands financially.

Stop “guessing” on your financials. 

Start making education business decisions based on spot-on, accurate financial statements and reports. 

Know where your business financials stand, right now. Let me save you a ton. 

Contact me today for your FREE financial analysis!


Property Management Accounting Software

As a Property Manager, Developer, Landlord or Real Estate Agent, accounting software can help you with tracking receipts, charging and tracking rental payments, and paying bills and utilities. Add an Expert Bookkeeper & Master Accountant to help you with balancing your books and custom financial statements (explained below). This combination helps you automate certain business financial processes, saving you time and money, as well as allow you to see where your business financials stand right now. 

Property management specific accounting software, plus the help of a Master Bookkeeper & Expert Accountant, can help you: 

  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Manage invoicing and accounts payable
  • Track late fees, credits and collections
  • Process recurring monthly payments from tenants and others, such as rent and utility billing, online
  • Organize and store important business and property information
  • Tax preparation – custom financial reporting for fiscal period and year-end closing
  • Reduce likelihood of anIRS audit utilizing owner reports, so you know exactly where your business stands at all times

Properly managing and tracking all of the above and more directly affects if your business is profitable or not. This also allows you to see at a high level, whether or not you need to raise rent, fill vacant units, or cut back on maintenance expenses.

Property management accounting software allows you to see all of this information “at a glance,” so you know if your investment is turning a profit or not.

Regular Financial Statements

Forecast your company’s financial health with regular financial statements like cash flow, profit & loss, and a balance sheet.

Not only do I deliver weekly, monthly, and quarterly statements, but I advise on what to do next with your business (by request). 

This means you are able to leverage my knowledge of 15+ years as a Master Bookkeeper & Expert Accountant inside companies that operate between $200K and $75M+ in annual revenue.

My experience is the edge that could take your business to the next level. 

While you’re operating and growing your business, I make sure your financials stay in order, tracked, and reported on your request. 

Real estate and property management are tough enough already. Margins can get razor thin, in some cases. The last thing you need on your list of “to-do’s” after a 12-hour day is to balance, reconcile, or recreate your books. 

Don’t let something you can control ruin your business. 

Know where your business financials stand, right now. Let me save you a ton. 

Call me today for your FREE financial analysis!


Core Local Master Bookkeeping & Expert Accounting Capabilities

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Our clients range in annual revenue from $200K up to in excess of $75M+. Simple or complex financials across MULTIPLE industries are our Core Capabilities.

About Me

Furever Bookkeeping & Accounting Services brings 15+ years of Expert Bookkeeping & Master Accounting to each of our clients. Kendra Moore and her team have over 37 years experience in: Bookkeeping & Accounting. Serving MD, VA, DC, DE, PA & Now Nationwide!

Our Certifications

We are approved Accounting & Bookkeeping Federal Government Contractors, DUNS #079524284, as well as for the State of Maryland, NAICS #541219.

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