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Books a mess?
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SERVING: MD, VA, DC, DE, PA & Now Nationwide!

Owners & Executives, DCAA & Non Profits: Incompetent Financial Reporting Sinking Your Business?

Lousy Accounting and Incompetent Bookkeeping? Don’t Let Tax & Bookkeeping Mistakes Ruin You

Mistakes in your financial reports can lead to wonky tax filings. Getting your taxes right isn’t just smart—it’s the law. Spot-on records mean you’re on the safe side, not paying too little or too much. But if you let it slide? You’re looking at fines, extra charges, invasive audits, and maybe even a legal mess. Don’t let this be you! Let me rescue your financials, today!

Cash Crisis Looming

Feeling the cash crunch? If your financial reports are out of whack, you might not see the real picture of money coming in and going out. Cash is king in business—it keeps everything running smoothly. But if you’re not on top of it? Disaster alert! You could run out of money, default on bills, or even face bankruptcy. You don’t want that stress!

Your Financial Decisions Are At Risk

Making inaccurate financial decisions? Your financial data is all over the place. The right numbers are your guiding light, showing you where to invest or cut back. Ignore them, and you could end up pouring money down the drain, missing golden chances, or backing the wrong horse. Say no to inaccurate financial reporting. Let me rescue your financials, today, and deliver spot-on, accurate financial reports. 

Loan Rejections Ahead

Struggling to get that loan? Dodgy financial statements might be the sneaky culprit. Loans and good credit terms are like jet fuel for your business. But if lenders can’t trust your numbers, they’ll think twice. Result? You’ll end up with sky-high interest rates or doors slammed in your face. Don’t let bad financial reports cripple your business growth. Call Me, Now!

Investors Are Doubting You – Act Now

Investors giving you the side-eye? If they can’t rely on your financial reporting, their trust—and their money—will walk away. Investors are the lifeline for growth and keeping the lights on. Lose their trust, and you’ll find it tough to attract new ones. Don’t watch your business’s worth plummet because of incompetent bookkeeping and accounting!

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Serving MD, VA, DC, DE, PA & Now Nationwide!

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Hi, I’m Kendra Moore,
Owner, Master Bookkeeper

I help Business Owners & Executives of firms reconcile & re-construct years’ worth of delinquent financials, reconciling with spot-on reporting on a monthly basis–cleaning up financial messes and creating tax-ready financials, all while repositioning YOUR Business for success!

Currently working with mid-size, enterprise and C-suite level Businesses, Nonprofits and DCAA Government Contractors:

  • Bringing your books current the very first time
  • Real time financials that actually mean something
  • Forecasting & creating worthwhile Budgets- ALL for your financial growth & success

Focused on Clients with revenue from $200K to $75M+ annually. I’m your Top Rated® Local, outsourced, Bookkeeping AND Accounting Department.

An Expert in ALL versions of QuickBooks. Gov/Con Authority on: Unanet & Quickbooks DCAA compliant software moving my Clients away from Deltek and Procas. Additional Focus: Xero, FreshBooks, Sage, and many other Accounting Software systems. I provide virtual, Zoom-enhanced focused meetings & state-of-the-art technology plug-ins right into our bookkeeping and accounting service offerings–along with an in-house CPA for those that need one!

I’m the Full Service, Local Virtual Master Bookkeeper & Outsourced Expert Accountant your Business desperately needs, right now. Take advantage of my 15+ years of in-the-trenches local experience. Call Me Today!

Expert Financial Reporting Services

Profit & Loss (P&L) Reporting

Balance Sheet Preparation

Bank Reconciliation Reports

Cash Flow Statement

Budget vs. Actual Reports

Accounts Receivable Reports

Accounts Payable Reports

Payroll Reports

Inventory Reports

Forecasting and Projections

Ratio Analysis

Customized Financial Reports

Consolidated Financial Statements

Job Costing Reports

Fixed Assets and Depreciation Reports

Tax Reports

Equity Reports

Expense Reports

Master Bookkeeping & Expert Accounting Reviews
from Owners & Execs, DCAA Contractors, AND Nonprofits

“I’ve Used Kendra & Her Team for Over 3 Years…”

I’ve used Kendra and her team for over 3 years. The professionalism and quality of service is unmatched. I highly recommend Furever Bookkeeping and will be a client for many years to come. Rating: 5/5… Read more“I’ve Used Kendra & Her Team for Over 3 Years…”

-Matthew D.

“Kendra & Her Team Are Absolutely Super Stars!”

Kendra and her team at Furever Bookkeeping & Accounting Services are absolutely super stars, any business or person in need of professional, efficient, courteous, responsive an up to date relevant information regarding Accounting/Bookkeeping/Tax matters can confidently rest assure the Furever team will take care of business. Thank you ladies, YOU ALL ROCK! Rating:… Read more“Kendra & Her Team Are Absolutely Super Stars!”

-Cavalucci A.

“Kendra’s CFO Services Now Keep Me on Track Going Forward.”

Not only did Kendra and her team reconcile my financials ahead of the timeline that I needed, her CFO services now keep me on track going forward. Thank you to everyone at Furever Bookkeeping. Rating: 5/5… Read more“Kendra’s CFO Services Now Keep Me on Track Going Forward.”

-Mark S.

“Pleasure To Work With and Always Accommodating…”

My company engaged Kendra for bookkeeping and accounting services and I am very happy that we did. Kendra is a pleasure to work with and always accommodating via phone or on our zoom meetings. Rating:… Read more“Pleasure To Work With and Always Accommodating…”

-Londin H.

“Ultimately Taking Over Our Accounting Department!”

I highly recommend Furever Bookkeeping and Accounting’s Fractional CFO Services. Kendra has helped us with our financial forecasting, budgeting and improving our accounting processes, upgrading our accounting system, and ultimately taking over our accounting department. First, she got our bookkeeping caught up. Her CPA then stepped in for tax guidance, but it was Kendra’s CFO Services… Read more“Ultimately Taking Over Our Accounting Department!”

-McKenna P.

“Furever Bookkeeping Has Provided Excellent Service.”

Furever Bookkeeping has provided me with excellent service. Kendra and her team are patient and very attentive to the littlest details. I will definitely recommend Furever Bookkeeping to businesses for their services. Rating: 5/5… Read more“Furever Bookkeeping Has Provided Excellent Service.”

-Uche N.


They took years’ worth of back financials and conducted a job costing analysis for our entire portfolio bringing us current–from what was once years of unreconciled books. Rating: 5/5… Read more“FUREVER BOOKKEEPING IS AMAZING!”

-S & K Holdings

“Kendra Runs a Tight Ship…”

Kendra runs a tight ship and as a certified bookkeeper, Kendra and her squad really work hard, stay on task and are very knowledgable. Rating:… Read more“Kendra Runs a Tight Ship…”

-Mark S.
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Finally, a tech-centric Bookkeeper & Accountant Making Your Life a Whole Lot Easier!

My doc uploader, sharing, auto alerts, and open communication channel have completely removed the drudgery you experienced when dealing with your past Accountant and Bookkeeper . Sound familiar? Constantly uploading/sending documents, repetitive requests constantly. No more with me!

Easy document uploader.

Upload your files with instant auto-notifications alerting me immediately. No More Delays.

Message me, anytime.

You want access? You’ve got it!  I’m here to talk when needed. 

Friendly app means you know where you stand.

Check in on your account via phone or desktop. Know that you’re being taken care of in real time!

How Do You Work With Me?

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We’ll discuss the exact details
around your needs.

Step #3

I’ll propose a sound comprehensive plan around your business & get right to work!

Who Do I Help?

Master Bookkeeping Services For Your Business In Every Industry:

Serving Owners & Executives in Maryland, Virginia, DC, Delaware, Pennsylvania & Nationwide!







Government Contractors




Bookkeeping FAQs

How often should I get financial reports for my business?

With our most successful, growing Clients, I recommend monthly reports, at a minimum, for most Businesses to keep a keen eye on their financial health. But, based on your unique needs, I will deliver spot-on reports daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever you’d like.

Can you help with tax preparation and filings based on the financial reports?

Absolutely! I’m your Expert in integrating financial reports into accurate reports for tax planning, preparations and filing. Let's make sure you're always in compliance.

How can financial reporting help me make better business decisions?

Financial reports are the compass of your Business. I've worked with countless Businesses, Owners, and Executives guiding them using my reports to make informed, strategic decisions. Your growth is just a report away!

Can I get customized reports tailored to my industry or specific business needs?

Absolutely! I've successfully tailored reports for Businesses across ALL industries. Let me craft the perfect report for you.

What software or tools do you use for financial reporting?

I specialize in ALL accounting software, including Quickbooks, Xero, FreshBooks, Sage, and DCAA compliant software like Unanet and now Quickbooks Online. I’m moving Clients away from the cumbersome, lack of customer support experiences of: Procas and Deltek currently. Deltek and Procas’s model are just untenable in their current backend set up regarding customer support. With that, I’ll help you transition and integrate the top tier DCAA compliant software above seamlessly!.

How can I use financial reports to better manage my inventory and expenses?

With my Expert guidance, financial reports will become your strategic tool, helping you optimize inventory and manage expenses effectively. Let's drive efficiency together!

How do you handle accounts receivable and payable reporting?

With precision and expertise! I streamline this process, ensuring you know who owes you and who you owe. Always know where your business stands financially. 

Can you assist with payroll processing and reporting?

Of course! Efficient payroll services are part of my "Bookkeeping Packages.” Let's ensure your team gets paid right and on time without the headache. 

How do you ensure the accuracy of the financial reports you provide?

Accuracy is paramount. Utilizing top-tier software like Quickbooks and Xero, combined with my 15+ extensive experience, I deliver spot-on reports every single time.

Can financial reports help me attract investors?

Yes! I've assisted countless Businesses in leveraging their reports to attract investors Let's make your Business irresistible to lenders and investors.

How do you handle bank reconciliations and discrepancies?

With focused speed,I ensure your records align perfectly with bank statements, spotting and addressing any hiccups swiftly.

What's your experience with reporting for businesses of my size and in my industry?

I bring 15+ years of in-the-trenches experience, having served Businesses with $200k to $75M+ in annual revenue. Your industry? I've got you covered.

What if I have more questions about financial reporting?

I'm here for you, right now! Give me a call, Today. I always answer the phone. I guarantee same-day responses. Your financial clarity is my mission.

Books a Mess?
Let Me Rescue Your Financials, Today!

Master Bookkeeping Services

SERVING: MD, VA, DC, DE, PA & Now Nationwide.


My clients range in annual revenue from $500K up to in excess of $75M+. Simple or complex financials across MULTIPLE industries are my Core Capabilities.

About Me

Furever Bookkeeping & Accounting Services brings 15+ years of Expert Bookkeeping & Master Accounting to each of my clients. Kendra Moore has over 37 years experience in: Bookkeeping & Accounting. Serving MD, VA, DC, DE, PA & Now Nationwide!

Our Certifications

We are approved Accounting & Bookkeeping Federal Government Contractors, DUNS #079524284, as well as for the State of Maryland, NAICS #541219.

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