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Why Accurate, Spot-On Financial Reporting Saves Your Business Money

You know how important your taxes are for your business or company to thrive. While paying into the IRS feels like driving a stake through your heart each time, you are required by law to pay in, but… The tax law also incentivizes you to take certain actions in the...

How Cookie-Cutter Accounting “Best Practices” Ruin Your Business

As a business owner or company executive, you want your business or company to succeed. There are accounting “best practices” you’re told to follow while growing your company. If you simply follow these “best practices,” then you’re sure to succeed, right?...

Why an Accounting & Bookkeeping Call Center Will Ruin Your Business

If you’re looking to outsource your accounting and bookkeeping departments, then you’ll want to avoid “call-center” operations that treat your company like a commodity instead of a uniquely valuable business.  It’s common to get yourself or your team “off the books”...

7 Accounts Receivable Tips You Can Use Right Now

Across the board, small- and medium-sized businesses agree that one of their biggest challenges to running a business is accounts receivable. As a master bookkeeper in Maryland serving Bethesda, Baltimore, and Rockville, Furever Bookkeeping wants to share seven tips...
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